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Write the letter. Now is the time.

Celebrate National Letter Writing Week

Join TTUP in celebrating National Letter Writing Week. Share this with your family and friends and help us spread the word on how powerful a simple written letter can be to a person all week long.


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Project To Begin 31 Letters In 31 Days

The Things Unsaid Project is embarking on a bold endeavor over the next month: 31 letters in 31 days.

Today, two letters will be posted to kick off the initiative followed by one letter per day through Halloween.

Momentum for Things Unsaid is on the rise. A student newspaper article from the University of Kentucky, a soon-to-be released article from a student newspaper at UIC, other various media requests and a post office box full of letters with things unsaid have bolstered the buzz. (Click here for TTUP Press Clippings)

Teachers, class instructors and professors are encouraged to request TTUP Class Kits for use in the classroom. Addressed, stamped return envelopes along with project overview, paper and instructions can be shipped to interested institutions. Please send an e-mail to with Project Kit Request in the subject line.

Project supporters are encouraged to post the official TTUP Poster in their neighborhood coffee shops, libraries and community outlets. Supporters can access a printable PDF by clicking here.

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Participate In The Things Unsaid Project

You’ve been invited to participate in “The Things Unsaid Project,” a daring new social art project that allows individuals the opportunity to voice their long-silent words and remind us all of our shared connections, emotions, and experiences.

We all have things we’ve wanted to say, but—for whatever reason—haven’t voiced. From apologies and admiration to gratitude and aggravation, “The Things Unsaid Project” offers you the chance to share those missing words, to communicate those “things unsaid” and release your thoughts into the world.

Here’s how you can participate:

1.) Address your letter to a person or group (i.e. Dear Mom, Dear Joey, To My Classmates, To the Girl on the #91 Bus on Tuesday Morning). Please do not be specific enough, such as using last names, that the recipient is clearly identifiable.

2.) Handwrite a one-page letter (front side only) sharing what you’ve wanted to say but never have.

3.) Please keep the letter anonymous and do not sign your name.

4.) Seal your completed letter in an envelope and send to: The Things Unsaid Project, P.O. Box 1103, Park Ridge, IL, 60068.

5.) Return to to read others’ unsaid thoughts and see if your letter has been posted. Letters will begin being posted on June 1.

6.) Please tell others about The Things Unsaid Project.

Please note that in mailing and submitting your anonymous letter, you grant “The Things Unsaid Project” full permission to include your letter on the web, in print, in any visual art display, and/or any related project ventures. “The Things Unsaid Project” also reserves the right to edit, to the best of its judgment, any sensitive or identifying information.

“The Things Unsaid Project” welcomes your participation and looks forward to receiving your letter.


“The Things Unsaid Project”

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